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On 8 and 9 November, Sunray presented its 3rd Solar Training Course to members of the public at Melsim Lodge, Kalingalinga, Lusaka. The course was attended by 15 participants, of whom all wrote the non-compulsory evaluation at the end of the 2 days training.

From 12-14 November, Sunray presented it’s first installation course which was a huge success. Participants were guided through the design, build and commission process for a Hybrid PV System as well as a Solar Pump Installation.

The next basic and installation course is scheduled for March 2019. Sign up for our newsletter to receive all the information!

Topics covered included:

-Generation of Electricity
-PV Modules
-Basics of Electricity
-Solar Resources
-Solar Systems
-Charge Controllers and Inverters
-System Sizing
-Solar Pumps

Sunray Installations

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Value for Money

Excellent value equipment, with Tier 1 Solar panels and industry leading batteries.
Our systems are designed to last!

Attention to Detail

Everything works seamlessly to give the best user experience and satisfaction for years to come.

Control and Convenience

Have full control over the performace of your system. See what you produce, how much you have left, how much you save form anywhere in the world! 

Radio Interviews

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On 12 July 2017, Sunray Power CEO, Gideon Greyvenstein and Projects Manager, Tymen Nagel, was interviewed during an hour long program on Renewable energy, during Radio Christian Voice’s Sustainability week.

Topics discussed included the future of energy, solar technology and opportunity for energy expansion in Zambia.

Interview with Radio Christian Voice

by Gideon Greyvenstein

On 31 October 2017, in a United Nations Sponsored interview with Chikuni Radio, Sunray CEO, Gideon Greyvenstein spoke about the role of solar in the UN Development goal 7: “Affordable and Clean Energy”